Enriched Air Diver

$175.00 USD

Enriched Air Diver

Diving with enriched air, higher oxygen and lower nitrogen content, gives you more bottom time. And isn’t that the whole point of diving, to stay longer , discover more and enjoy the sport longer? In this class you will learn how more oxygen effects the body, proper oxygen exposures, how to analyze enriched air, and set up your dive computer. Enriched air is available in most tropical destinations.

Price: $175


  • Have been PADI Open Water Certified
  • In good physical health
  • Complete a medical statement

Price Includes

  • PADI Enriched Air Diver Manual
  • 32% & 36% RDP
  • DSAT Oxygen Exposure and EAD Tables
  • Classroom and hands on training

Class Structure

  • Knowledge review
  • Classroom instruction with hands on equipment review

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