Belize – May 9-16, 2020

Belize Dive Haven Resort

The Resort

Stay just minutes away from some of the world’s best dive sites. Enjoy luxurious living while on vacation at one of Belize Dive Haven’s rooms. All of our rooms come equipped with all the amenities you would need for your stay in paradise, including: Balcony with a view of the Caribbean Sea, Single King bed or two queen beds, Air conditioning and ceiling fan, In-room refrigerator and safe, Television and wi-fi and 24/7 concierge service.

The Diving

Spend your days swimming the world’s largest living reef or enjoy two enormous swimming pools with a walk/swim-up bar. With the long stretch of barrier reef in one location, explore a new dive site everyday and forget the outside world as you swim among the 600 species of fish and aquatic life.

Whale Shark

Whale shark season revolves around the full moon. Most of the time, these giants are too deep in the water and divers can’t access them. However, during the full moon, whale sharks ascend to the water’s surface to feed on fish spawn and tiny plankton. Since their movements are tied to the moon cycle, divers can expect to encounter sharks starting 2 days before the full moon and staying for 10 after. The best months have traditionally April and May. Full Moon Dates in Belize: May 7th.

Belize Dive Haven

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